Frequently Asked Questions

It is very common and normal to feel this way. It can be a big step seeking help so why not give Pinder a call on 07905 333 099 and take it from there? She is friendly and open to hearing about where you are at. She has a great deal of experience of working with uncertainty and people who are new to therapy, have a chat and see how you get on.

Contact us now on 07905 333 099. You will be contacted to arrange time to speak.

  • Initial telephone conversation: Free
  • Assessment session (50 minutes): £120
  • Therapy session (50 minutes): £120
  • Consultation to schools/other organisations: £120 per hour
  • Teaching and training: Please contact us directly for a personalised quote.

Additional fees for insurance clients are applied to cover administration costs.

Yes. We are registered with Cigna, Aviva, Axa, WPA and Vitality. Please contact us to discuss this further.

The first session will help the Psychologist and you come to an initial understanding of what the difficulties are, what may help you, what the sessions may entail and how many sessions would be needed. Some people find the process of speaking to someone helpful in itself and only feel they only need a few sessions. Others may need more sessions to follow a more explorative route, or to follow a more structured intervention plan. It entirely depends on you but rest assured we are experienced to provide any of these option to the highest of standards. Regular feedback is also encouraged on your sessions to support this.


Appointments held in Ealing take place at Suite 11 Central Chambers, The Broadway, W5 2NR, opposite Ealing Broadway tube station. Dr Pinder Kaur is able to see people here on Friday evenings currently.







Appointments held in Chiswick take place on Evelyn Road Chiswick London W4 5JL.


West London Therapists adhere to a Privacy and Confidential policy.
In brief, we do not share identifiable information with anyone without your consent. We store your basic information on an encrypted online system which confers with current standards of data protection of therapists working in private practice. We take notes in the session which we keep anonymised and stored in a locked cabinet and on an online secure, password protected, encrypted system.

If you are a parent or carer and want help with your child please contact us to discuss the initial appointment. Depending on the difficulty, and how you and your therapist come to understand the difficulty and what may be maintaining it, the young person may not need to be directly involved in the session. If they are, your therapist will talk to you more about how this works. It is important that you, as the concerned person of the child are well involved so it is more the likely your therapist will meet with you too.

Yes. Dr Pinder Kaur and her associates are all accredited to practice and adhere to strict ethical and professional guidelines. See each person’s profile for more information on which bodies they are registered with and what this entitles them to practice.

A UK Clinical Psychologist has completed an undergraduate in Psychology and doctorate in Clinical Psychology, a minimum of six years of study. This qualifies them to practice clinically across the life span using a range of therapeutic modalities. It is a protected title from the Health Care professions council, which means that you can be assured that someone who is a UK registered Clinical Psychologist have been deemed competent to do so. A Psychiatrist is a medical doctor who are trained to prescribe medication for mental health based difficulties, some may be trained to work therapeutically and it is advisable to check that they have had the additional training necessary in order to do this. A counseller and psychotherapist is not a protected title and therefore training varies widely therefore it is important to check their experience and the credibility of their accreditation.